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Recycled Theatrical Lighting Gels

It seemed that every time I had to get a show colored new gel was always being cut, with each session there would be offcuts on hand (depending on frame size). Come time to re-sort the color (always a fun job), we are tasked with making sure that no damaged or faded pieces ended back in stock. The combination of offcuts, damaged, and filters no longer wanted would end up in the trash. With no sure recycling option I decide to take the gels out of the trash from the multiple venues I freelanced at (with permission) and took them home to experiment. These are the results:

Composition 1
Composition 1.1

COMPOSITION 1: June 24 2020

This was the first installation after trials on how to stick the gels to glass.

With a south facing widow the sun travels around the room casting colored light as it is filtered through the gel. 

5 Color

"Second" 5 Color "Stained Glass" - Jan 16 2021

12"x12" Acetate mounted w/Acrylic gloss over top for texture.

After some thought I decided to try a format that would be able to be hung in a window rather than applied to the glass. This version of "stained glass" was born. All freehand cut this piece came together using colors: R07, R3204, R39, R76, & R56. 


"HEX" 3 Color "Stained Glass" - Jan 29 2021

11.5"x11.5" Acetate mounted w/Acrylic gloss over top for texture.

Inspired by the black & white hexagon pattern of some New York City apartment bathroom floors. This version of "stained glass" was pattern cut to keep each cell identical in shape using the colors: R07, R39, & R76.

_The Sun_ 1.1
_The Sun_ 1

"The Sun" 7 Color "Stained Glass" - March 1 2021

12.5" Diameter. Mounted to a reused wreath frame. Artificial sinew for ties. Tie-Line.

Acetate mounted w/acrylic gloss over top. 

Having been inside due to a quarantine I felt low in my sunlight quota. Drawing inspiration from other geometric sun artwork this was my rendition using only triangles and convex polygons. This is also the first fully designed piece to include a frame and hang loop. Colors used: N/C, R07, R09, R14, R21, R27, & L106.

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